Human Biospecimens (HBS)

Our HBS-related services include collection, analysis, complete logistics, clinical network management and regulatory affairs.

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Located in San Francisco, our HBS biorepository contains up to 100,000 specimens with de-identified clinical data suitable for project-specific Clinical Report Forms upon arrival. Cureline collection protocols have been developed in accordance with local as well as international regulations, guided by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) biorepository certification program which ensures all provided materials and services are of the highest quality.

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Tissue processing (human, animal)

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Molecular and Cellular Laboratory Services

  • Antibody characterization and validation

  • 3D tissue cultures and assays

  • Cell-based assays: viability, proliferation, migration, invasion and others

  • Dissociated Tumor Cell (DTC) isolation from human tumors and animal models

  • DNA/ RNA/ protein isolation from human and animal tissues

  • ELISA, protein lysate preparation and other custom protocols

  • Individual cell type separation from whole blood

  • Molecular fingerprinting of HBS

  • NGS (Illumina)

  • PBMC/ BMMC isolation: normal donors and clinically-defined patients

  • Primary culture preparation from blood, bone marrow and tumors

  • Progenitor/ stem cell isolation from fresh human lipoaspirate

  • Protein target expression and activation

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Biomarker discovery and validation

Our related services include processing for both human and animal biospecimens, biomarker panel validation, and protocols for drug research and development/ Biopharmaceutical research. Together with our partner BioCrypton Inc., our team provides proteomic and glycoprotein analysis of human biospecimens using a proprietary protein chemistry technology platform. 

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Human sample validation studies

The Cureline group provides assistance for human sample validation studies to ensure that the user interface is safe and effective for intended users, uses, and use environments, in compliance with FDA recommendations. 

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