For close to 20 years, the Cureline group has been committed to excellence in human tissue research. Our team’s expertise in biomedical procedures and translational medicine has helped make us a leader in human tissue biobanking.Cureline’s prime location in the US hub of scientific innovation and biotechnology provides excellent access to cutting-edge technology, maximizing our application of clinical competence to both local and multi-national scientific collaborations. We continue to accelerate overall company growth, improving operational capacities in Argentina and India as well as Serbia. Since 2019 our San Diego-based company, Cureline Molecular Services has been offering cellular and molecular biology services complementing our HBS biorepository and histology laboratory in San Francisco. In 2021,our clinical operations in the EU resulted in major research collaborations delving into unique metastatic tumor models and advanced therapy medicinal products, including gene and targeted therapies. Expansion into this fast-growing market aligns with our focus on making the Cureline Group an outstanding Global Translational CRO.

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The Cureline Group is committed to providing Integrated Service Capabilities for its customers.

In 2020 the California Life Sciences Association reported over 3,700 life sciences companies in the state, translating to an additional 250,000 sector-related workers in a span of 10 years (California Life Sciences Sector Report, 2020). This is the affirmative biotechnology environment Cureline headquarters is situated in. With its beginnings solidly founded in tissue specimen collection, biobanking and customized delivery, the Cureline group has since expanded to include translational histopathology and
tailored solutions for researchers throughout the process of conducting scientific studies. With a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, founder Dr. Olga Potapova understands the need for particular tissues and related research services better than most CEOs.

“I love interacting with scientists to help to make better products,” says Dr. Potapova. “We want to contribute to what companies need.”

This is the kind of personalized approach that Cureline provides. Its team collects tissue samples in key therapeutic areas, including oncology, inflammation, neurological diseases, and normal tissues, working with leading academic centers all over the world to acquire biospecimens of the highest quality.

These tissues provide the material to facilitate research that seeks to improve drug treatment outcomes. As an example, Dr. Potapova expensive biologics prescribed for inflammatory joint conditions: “A lot of time and money is wasted on patients who don’t respond,” she says, and while the Cureline name does not appears on the final drug product, Dr. Potapova considers it worth their time and effort. “I really believe that Cureline contributes significantly to making the lives of patients better,” says Dr. Potapova.

Adapted from the article written by Carol Potera for Genetic Engineering Biotechnology News


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